• About Edukid
  • Edukid is an Online community that helps residents to find the best education in the UAE for their kids. and school.

    While UAE is an fast developing country. Still is difficult to find schools or activities for the kids. The lack of information is probably the key factor.

    Edukid will show you and locate the best schools and nurseries in UAE. You will get the wisdom of the crowd with the Rating and reviews of the institutions. You can rate yourself the schools or nurseries that you know.

    It really depends on the type school, prestige and curriculum. In gross numbers between 5000 aed and 150,000AED per academic year.

    How to register on site- creating a user account with Directory..

    You just have to fill up the form in the Institution page and send it, the school will receive it and contact you back.

    Edukid is a free service for parents that needs to find a school for their kids in the UAE.

    Our map feature will use your location to provide with the schools that are around you and facilitate your search.

    Edukid is working across the UAE.

    You can list your school, nursery or development activity by clicking in the list your school button. You can also end us an email to info@edukid.ae

    Recommendations and ratings are the fuel for the community. Other parents will take advantage on your experiences. Same will you do with other reviews. If you had a good experience it, voice it out. If wasnt so good, here you have the chance to let everyone know.

    Edukid is the number one search engine for schools and nurseries in the UAE. It has reviews and ratings, not being there you will lose the opportunity to get hundreds of visits and information requests.

    We are sending a newsletter to let you know what is the best for your kids and as well what is new for your family in the UAE. We will never spam you!