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Acceptance age: 0 Years - 6 Years

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The Blossom Nursery

Location: Villa #43, Street Al Ragay, Umm Suqeim 1, Dubai, UAE

Blossom Children Nurseries centres specially designed to provide a secure and stimulating early years education experience for children aged 6 month to 6 years. Blossom’s mantra is to “believe, achieve, become” and emphasizes children’s character development. We are an inclusive nursery welcoming children from all over the world, who speak many languages, are differently “abled” and have been exposed to a myriad of experiences that makes us a centre of rich diversity.                    

Our Smartbook™ parent interaction program ensures parents are kept informed of activities and learning done whilst at school through our daily baby diaries and weekly smartbook reports, emailed newsletters, individual detailed profiles, baseline assessments and reports with parent-teacher days. We have an open door policy and parents are frequently invited to attend seminars, school shows and activities.                          

The organization of the physical environment is crucial to the Blossom early childhood program, and is often referred to as the child’s “third teacher.” In designing Blossom we have worked to integrate each classroom with the rest of the school, and have incorporated freeflow and gyms, language and computer stations and more. Natural light has been maximized and our classrooms often open to a center piazza or community learning zones. Mirrors, photographs and children’s work characterise interiors.              

Classrooms at Blossom are spacious and well equipped with a range of multisensory equipment allowing children to learn through play and activity. There are large exploration stations, studios and ateliers and Blossom makes an effort to have specialist staff “ateliers” who are trained and passionate about languages, dance, drama, music, the environment and languages so that there are a variety of people fluent in the “100 languages of children.” Our outside playgrounds always have over 5,000 square feet of shaded fun activity zones. 

School Link : http://www.theblossomnursery.com/


Our environment and curriculum are based on the understanding that each child is an individual with unique needs, learning styles and interests. We aspire to provide many ways of learning that encompass and adapt to different abilities through our SKYGARDEN curriculum which is based on the framework of the British Foundation Curriculum and elements of emergent approaches such as Montessori, Steiner and Reggio Emelia approaches.

Parents, teachers, and children equal shareholders in the learning initiative
Children are active participants in learning so that the curriculum or learning activities emerge from their interests and specificities; and
Our approach is centered on the British Foundation Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) where the focus is on stages of development rather than chronological, age based teaching and learning. The overarching aim of the EYFS is to help children achieve the Every Child Matters five outcomes:

  • Staying safe
  • Being healthy
  • Enjoy and Achieve
  • Make a Positive Contribution
  • Achieve Economic Wellbeing


In all our planning we use the above along with the principles of Gardner’s 7 Intelligences and a creative, inspired space and theory geared towards engaging children’s active learning. Howard Gardner from Harvard University developed a theory of multiple intelligence which allows the educator to plan holistic learning by approaching subjects in a variety of ways and this is seminal in the skygarden approach.

The Ages & Stages of a Blossom Education

Blossom’s baby rooms for babies aged 6 months to 22 months use on-demand scheduling to assure that each child’s specific needs are met. Our caring teachers establish a “home-away-from-home” for your little one by using gentle, reassuring voices filled with love and trust. We do not force babies to reach milestones like rolling over and sitting up. Instead, we allow them to determine when their bodies are strong enough. Each child is encouraged to be an initiator, explorer and a self-learner. Consistency, active participation, freedom to explore and interact with others is provided along with sensitive observation of the child in order to meet his or her needs.

Older babies are given the opportunity to explore various areas of their development through gross and fine motor activities, art, sensory experiences, circle time, outside time and much more. Developing self-help skills such as using utensils at meals, drinking from a regular cup and learning to communicate their needs are vital to starting children on a path to become an independent learner.

Our two year olds work on patience, independence, sharing, potty training and building vocabulary. They paint, tear, cut, pound clay and participate in a variety of activities to stimulate constant learning.

The preschool classrooms encourage self-guided play, responsible learning, respect for self and others, character development, as well as increased attention span and motor skills. In our Foundation classrooms prime and specific skills are taught with an introduction to “big school” skills beginning from age four years to 6 years. These are the days where transition skills are encouraged with many activities that encourage confidence, curiosity and a love for learning.

26160AED - 44760AED

Blossom Registration

Wondering about enrolling your child at nursery but not sure about what to look for? We have developed a set of questions that every parent should be aware of when choosing a nursery. The questions are open-ended and designed to allow you to  interview your choice of centre(s). We have our answers to these and other questions in a parent information binder which can be viewed when you tour our facilities.

Registering your child at Blossom is simple and easy

Download the Registration Form, Medical Questionnaire, Calendar and Fees Schedule here, and fill in your information. Completed forms can be scanned and emailed to us or can also be sent via fax, mail or personally delivered. Once received, the registrar will be in touch with you regarding availability.



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Average Rating: 5.00/5  (1 voted)

Acceptance age: 0 Years - 6 Years

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